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  • Debbie Costa
    It was the day right before going back home from our Honeymoon. My husband lost his wedding ring while being tossed in the Maui shores. After looking ourselves for what felt like hours we felt hopeless that we couldn't find it. We told our story as we returned our snorkel gear and the guy gave us Dave's info. We called him and he meet us in the lobby. We told Dave the story of what happend and we marked our location on the beach where my husband might have lost it. Dave got his gear and with in 1 minutes he found it! We couldn't believe it! It was a Maui miracle because we felt that nothing could replace his blessed ring. Thanks again Dave. We highly recommended Dave's Metal Detecting!!! If you've lost it DAVE CAN FIND IT! Our MAUI MIRACLE.
    Debbie Costa
  • What a brilliant and much needed service! Dave’s Metal Detecting is one of our all-time favorite businesses. Here is our Dave story… We were in Maui for our 10-year wedding anniversary and were having an amazing vacation. It was a beautiful afternoon and my husband and I were body surfing at our hotel beach. I remember watching in what felt like slow motion as a man who was adjusting his snorkel gear bumped into my husband. My husband’s eyes opened wide as he said “my ring fell off!” All three of us (including the guy who had bumped into him) started looking frantically. I even went and grabbed our snorkel gear so we could see in the sandy water. We anxiously looked for 45 minutes but believed that the sentimental token of our marriage was gone forever. I went to tell the guys who worked at the hotel beach that we had lost a ring and if by some random chance someone found it to please let us know. They replied with an unexpected, “Oh, you should call Dave”. “Dave?” “Yes, Dave…He has something like an 80% recovery rate”. So my husband went up to Snorkels to use the phone and call Dave. Dave was at our hotel in about 20 minutes, geared up and ready to go. He asked us to help draw boundary lines on the beach where we thought we had lost the ring and then headed into the ocean with his waterproof metal detector, headsets and silver pail connected to his body. We were pretty sure we would be there for at least an hour and had no idea if he would even be able to find the wedding band. We watched Dave as he followed a straight path from the marker he drew on the beach into the water. A few minutes later he reversed directions and continued to follow a straight line a little more to the left. On his third pass I saw him stand up and give a thumbs up sign. In shock and a little disbelief, I yelled over to my husband “ I think he found it?!?” And he had. It took less than 10 minutes for Dave to search and walk up out of the water with a huge smile on his face and one familiar beautiful platinum ring in hand. We were so happy to pay Dave the full finders fee (and not the lesser fee he charges if he comes out and looks but doesn’t find.) What a great business and perfect guy for the job. Thank you so much, Dave!
    Lisa & Eddie
  • Micheal Rimm
    Dave thank you so much for your diligence in finding my wedding ring which I had lost just after our 29th wedding anniversary. I'm dumbfounded that you were able to find it! I'm so greatful to you and to God for this great gift. Keep up the wonderful work!
    Micheal Rimm
  • Greg & Glenda Vanni
    Dave you saved our fabulous Hawaiian vacation from disaster when my wife lost he diamond wedding ring on the beach at Napili Bay, only to have you come by and fine it within less then a minute! Your professional demeanor, your state of the art equipment and your knowledge were so much appreciated during the serval hours of high anxiety when 8 of our friends had no success finding the ring. We will notify the Napili Kai hotel management of your valuable service. Please feel free to use our name as an endorsement of your business. Thank you so much again Dave!!
    Greg & Glenda Vanni
  • Dave, I just wanted to Thank you again for finding my ring! You made our Trip!! You were great and easy to work with and found the ring so fast. I'm truly greatful to you. Thanks again
    Mike Fucci
  • Mitchell Miller
    Dave did a fantastic job finding my ring. I went for some surfing lessons with my wife, and about half way through the lesson I lost my wedding ring. My instructor recommended Dave. He arrived at the beach very quickly. He was very professional and spent 2 hours looking for my ring. Although he did not find my ring, he told me that he would continue to look for it and that he would find it. And sure enough HE DID!! He called me Christmas Eve to let me know the good news. He e-mailed me a picture of the ring right away, and promptly sent it off courier. The ring arrived safely! Dave earned my trust and respect, and I would highly recommend him! Thanks again Dave, it was greatly appreciated!
    Mitchell Miller
  • Don & Beckey Royce
    The day after our 25th wedding annniversary I lost my wedding ring while coming in from snorkling at Kamaole 2. After looking ourselves for what felt like an hour we resigned ourselves to the loss and starting planning for a replacement. The next day I told the story to Chuck the head lifeguard at Kamaole 2 he called Dave right then. It just so happened that Dave was on his way there anyway. Dave met us there at the beach, we described for him what had happened the day before, he then marked the location on the beach where we thought I lost the ring. Dave got his gear and after about and hour or so of watching him look we went back to our room, Dave continued methodically scanning the area. About 15 minutes later Dave called to report that he had found it, we were so happy that he had found my ring. We met by the Denny's in Kihei and took pictures, what a memory! We still can't believe it! Thanks again Dave! We highly recommend Dave's Metal Detecting!
    Don & Beckey Royce
  • On September 14th 2009 I lost my Rolex GTM Master watch at Kapalua bay Maui, Hawaii.We searched the surf entensivly that day with no luck. The next day I contacted Dave's Metal Detecting and hired Dave to come and search the Bay with his underwater metal detector.About 1 1/2 hours later Dave came out of the surf with my watch! What I paid Dave was a fraction of what the replacement would have cost. Dave has earned my highest respect. He is pleasent, hard working and most of all a very honest person. He is also in my eyes an expert in underwater metal detecting! I have no reservation about giving my highest recomidations about Dave. Thanks Dave!
    Randy Sabre
  • Richie James
    Here is my little story - In July of 2009, I took my family on vacation to Maui. On day 2 of a 5 day stay, I was playing in the water by our resort when the unthinkable happen. My Sales Excellence Award Gold Ring fell off on my finger in to the water. I desperately, with the assistance of my family looked for hours trying to find my ring. We finally gave up. I was very upset with myself and the entire situation. I was not aware that there was such a service as "Lost Ring Maui.Com" at the time. Each of the remaining 3 days of my trip, I would walk back down to this beach and look one more time for my gold ring. I had accepted the fact that I would probably never see this ring again. I had been awarded this ring by UPS for my outstanding sales record over the past 12 years. There was an emotional attachment to this ring! Time passed, then on Monday 4/12/2010, while on business in Chicago, I received a voice mail from a gentleman by the name of David Sheldon with Dave's Metal Detecting in Maui. He stated that he had found my gold UPS ring… I had to listen to the voicemail 3 more times to make sure it was not a joke. Needless to say, Dave made my day, my year, and on. It was amazing the length that Dave took to locate me. My ring was back on my finger upon my return from Chicago back to Lubbock Texas on Saturday 4/24/2010. Dave and I were both amazed that my ring was in near perfect condition after lying in 8 feet of sea water from July 1st 2009 till April 10th 2010. Dave truly is a real stand up guy. We need more Dave Sheldons in this world! Thanks Dave!
    Richie James
  • October 2008: We were in the last days of our honeymoon, when after a free jump off a rock near the waterfall at mile marker 11 along the road to Hana, I came to the surface of the pond with no wedding ring! After failed attempts of trying to find it ourselves, we got back in the car and headed to our hotel. We weren't sure how to react-through the initial laughter, came tears of panic and sadness. After calling a local dive shop only to get a " Good luck Buddy". I decided to ask the hotel concierge for suggestions.He said "not a problem, I got just the guy"! We were pleasantly surprised when he handed us Dave's business card. I called Dave and left a hopeful message. Dave returned the call quickly and said that he'd be more then happy to help.He was friendly, professional and most importantly very reassuring that there was a good possibility of finding the lost ring.After an anxious and restless night, we were glad to meet Dave in the morning at the scene of the mishap.He surveyed the location and confirmed his confidence in finding the ring.Within 25 minutes, Dave came to the surface holding a shoe, a pair of sunglasses and on his middle finger- my ring! It made for a very happy ending and got me got of the dog house! When it comes to recovering something as valuable and priceless as your wedding ring, you need a professional like Dave. My wife and I confidently recommend his services and think he's a great guy! Thanks again Dave!!
    Erin & Marc
  • Dave thanks so much for finding my St Christopher medal and neckles. I really appreciate it. I was really amazed how you could fine such a needle in a hay stack so to speak. Sorry we didn't give you the correct location to look, but you found it anyway. Thanks again as my wife and kids gave me this years ago and I treasure it very much!
    John Mc Carthy
  • John Farrell
    Thanks so much for saving our vacation. We had just renewed our vows after 43 years of marriage and the wedding ring was important!! Thank you for showing up on short notice and finding the in the rocks and water. Hope you have a great day in paradise as we did.
    John Farrell
  • Lori Hoffmann
    WOW!!!! I thought my wedding/engagement ring was gone, we searched for about a half hour and didn't see anything. I'm getting married in a week and was in Hawaii for my friends wedding. I walked down to the snorkel rental shop and the man there gave me Dave's number. I felt nauseated I had lost it. My boyfriend was not there and we didn't have money to buy a new ring. Dave came to the beach and started looking I could not watch. It took some time then he came to shore and all I could think was he couldn't fine it, ugh. But a silver hammered ring was on his finger and holy @*#@!! my ring, my ring!!!! Thanks sooo much you made my vacation, my friends wedding party saw me lose it- and now I have my ring back in time for my WEDDING THANKS DAVE!!
    Lori Hoffmann
  • Dax Thompson
    I want to thank you for your help in locating my lost wedding ring. Not only were you early which is unusual in the service industry! Your friendly and informative personality gave me confidence that you would have no trouble finding the ring. Within 10 minutes you confirmed my early suspisicions by locating the ring NO PROBLEM! I can't thank you enough! I know who I will call anytime & Recommend to any friends in Maui!!
    Dax Thompson
  • Wil & Nancy Rhoades
    Last Monday we were at Makena (Big Beach) to snorkel " Bad Idea" As I was getting into the water I got pounded by the surf and slammed to the ground, one flipper ripped off my foot and my wedding ring ripped off my finger. The wedding ring was my fathers and is a one of a kind. So needless to say I was on a emotional roller coaster ride and not having fun at all! My wife then went to Snorkel Bob's to get another flipper and the attendant told her about Dave's Metal Detecting service. We then immediately called Dave and he met us within 15 minutes at the beach. Dave went right to work and within 1 hour Dave recovered my ring! My wife hugged Dave and we took pictures and our vacation was back on track.I would recommend Dave's Metal Detecting service to anyone. If you have any idea where you lost your jewelry Dave can find it! Thanks again Dave.
    Wil & Nancy Rhoades
  • Steven Eheart
    Our story is basically the same as any person's that Dave has helped. We were excited to be in Hawaii and get to the beach and then Tragedy! We placed our rings in our beach bags so that we wouldn't lose them. We didn't anticipate a huge wave that washed up on shore were our belongins were. The wave knocked over our bags and our rings fell out. We were able to grab all of them but one, the engagement ring washed away as the wave went back into the water.After about a half hour of going crazy we decided to go online and see if there was a amazing service to fine it. We found Dave. He came quickly as he could and found the ring in no time. With out him my wife would probably still be in a catatonia state, and the whole vacation would have been ruined. SERIOUSLY, if you've lost something call Dave!! Thanks again Dave.
    Steven Eheart
  • Jeremy Nixey
    My wedding ring arrived safe and sound in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for your effort and skill. When it fell off my finger and in to the sea off Maui beach it was all I could do to stay upright in the surging swell and I soon lost my balance and my position. You came within a couple hours of my phoning and promptly started to systematically work your way back in forth along a 20 by 60 yard stretch of inshore line for an hour and didn't find it ( as I know because I had not given you the correct limit of search area). I was in despair but thought that no one could have done more then you already did. Unknown to me you had returned a day or two later and found my wedding ring which I had for thirty two years and not only that you mailed it back to me in the UK. What a fantastic service! During the hour I watched you, lots of women and men came up to me and asked what I had lost and what was the charge. When I explained everything they all thought that this was amazing and that your charge was very reasonable.But neither men nor women thought that you would find it. I guess you proved them wrong! Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting up with you on my next trip to Maui!
    Jeremy Nixey
  • All of us are still amazed you found the ring, and words cannot convey how thankful I am. I have to admit I had NO hope in it's recovery, but figured " What the heck, there's no harm in trying"! If anyone has any questions regarding your capabilities, professionalism or honesty, please feel free to use me as a reference
    Mary Worth
  • After panicked, desperate, tear-filled hours searching and sifting hopelessly through the sand at Napili beach for a lost, custom-made platinum wedding ring, we reluctantly tore ourselves away, went back to our condo and searched the phone book for a miracle. Just halfway through our vacation, and we felt like it was already over. Dave answered his phone immediately, showed up exactly on time, and within 10 minutes, found my ring. Our vacation went from cloudy to sunny in a moment.His methodical approach, easy demeanor gave us a confidence that's so needed in a moment of not-so-clear thinking." Dave didn't just save an investment, but a lifetime of memories, a long planned vacation, and the hope that we'll have many more years with the ring that brought us together in the beginning. Thank you
    Deborah Rutter and Kaki Dimock

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