Professional Metal Detector Service Maui

Almost Twenty years ago Dave decided to make Metal Detecting one of his many hobbies and to our surprise, his hobby became an unusual but very successful business. Over these years we have had people point, laugh and question: "What does he do", but through all of this Dave has stayed on top of his game, and today we can confidently say that Dave has helped more than 1,300 clients recover their most sentimental valuables, including lost ring Hawaii.

Dave provides land and water recoveries. Dave has accomplished water recoveries up to 30 feet deep. These recoveries are done by using our scuba devices, these devices help Dave to maintain his stability and oxygen levels underwater.

Dave has not only done what I would like to call one of the best jobs in the world, but he has done it with such Professionalism, open-mindedness, and an open heart.

A vast majority of our clients are newlyweds. So picture how devastating it would be, after getting married on a beautiful beach, to see the ring of your dreams drops in the ocean. All the both of you can do is watch. This is one of many heartbroken stories we have heard. Dave gets the call and tries his best to calm the bride and groom down, but the best thing they can hear is "We'll find it". Arriving at the location is normally pretty crazy, the Bride by now has everyone looking for it. Dave introduces himself, gears up his metal detector and starts the journey. An hour goes by and the Bride is losing hope when finally Dave finds it. The Bride, Groom, family, and spectators are applauding crying and pretty much overwhelmed. "You just don't know the feeling," Dave says all the time. It's wonderful to know that your helping people and making a great ending to an awesome story that they will never forget! "Everyone loses stuff," Dave says and I know he will be there recovering it for them. Dave does what he does because it's the right thing to do. We believe if you help you will be helped in return. We have gotten such great blessing and made wonderful friends with every client he has helped!

Mahalo, David Sheldon